E-Waste Recycling

  When your electronic devices are coming to an end of their life-cycle, an issue arises to properly recycle them. For an extremely long period of time, dumping e-waste into the landfill has been the usual practice of e-waste management. Decades of wrong electronic waste disposal practices have filled sites with dangerous metals, polluting the surrounding soil and groundwater. We want to put an end to irresponsible e-waste management practices. AST Recycling follows environmentally friendly e-waste disposal practices, in accordance with eWasa and the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa guidelines. We take the burden of the e-waste disposal away from you by coming to you, collecting e-waste and recycling it at our state-of-the-art recycling facility.

We help you get rid of old IT assets in the following way:



Identify quantity, location and types of equipment (number of items, storage areas, descriptions of equipment).


Arrange collection at an agreed time from a confirmed address in order to minimise delays and ensure a quick turnaround time for service.



Serialise the items at client's site or on our site for reporting purposes according to client requirements. Done for record keeping and audit purposes so the assets are effectively removed from  asset register.


Dismantle and recycle all downstream fractions with registered and certified downstream vendors.


Provide transparent, accurate reporting to the client via Certificate of Recycling issued via PDF with all relevant information including date, weight, and descriptions of items, as well as serial number lists depending on client needs.

Free Certificates

Using clearly defined environmentally friendly processes and procedures, based on our ISO 14001: 2015 certification and standards, we are able to offer our clients a one stop solution for their e-waste recycling requirements.

We issue free certificates of Data Destruction and E-waste Disposal on request.

We'll Come Pick Up Your E-Waste

Book your e-waste collection on our website and our sales team will be in touch with you.