IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) includes a review of current software and hardware used - ensuring licensing compliance, tracking how IT assets are being used and where changes may be needed.  AST Recycling provides unique IT Asset Management solutions that help the environment,
protect your data and save you money. 


Benefits of IT Asset Management

IT assets are both costly to acquire and to maintain. As a result, asset management plays a critical role in helping IT teams ensure efficient use of resources in supporting the needs of users and business functions. To help your organisation consider how best to manage its IT assets, here are our top benefits of ITAM.

Our IT Asset Management Services

Software Compliance

We help take the burden away from the client by ensuring that all certificates for licenses are compliant using non-intrusive methodology to audit, identify and refresh accordingly.




We can source, produce, implement and maintain new or refurbished IT equipment from our list of professional suppliers to fit each client's individual needs.


Refresh Management

We take away the stress of managing a refresh by performing a needs analysis, reporting on the status of equipment, sourcing new equipment and implementing new hardware - all with the assurance that old equipment that is no longer used will be recycled responsibly.




Data Protection

 Data protection is extremely important, if personal data is leaked, it can cause companies significant damage to their reputation and bring along penalties. We offer cutting-edge onsite and offsite data destruction procedures and ensure that your data is completely safe during all steps of data destruction process.


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